At various time scales, hydrological processes may be considered as non stationary. However, most model applications rely on the stationary hypothesis and therefore are not well suited for predicting changes or time variability.

This is why a session dedicated to non-stationarities in hydrological simulations and forecasting has been organised within the IAHS/IAPSO/IASPEI Joint Assembly in Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2013.

The objective of the workshop (session Hw15 in http://iahs-iapso-iaspei2013.com/scientific-programme/5869/Page.aspx for a more complete programm) is to discuss the issue of models application under changing conditions at various temporal scales, and to propose appropriate methodologies to evaluate their efficiency and associated uncertainties (incl. testing approaches, evaluation criteria and statistical tests). The participants to the workshop will be proposed to test their models under a common framework and will be provided with a common database, consisting of catchments that experienced non stationary conditions. The data and more information can be found on this website. Please visit the Project page.


Testing simulation and forecasting models in non-stationary conditions

Organiser: IAHS (ICSH, ICSW)
Lead Convener: Vazken Andreassian (France)
Co-Conveners: Sandra Ardoin-Bardin (France), Valérie Estupina-Borrell (France), Francesco Laio (Italy), Julien Lerat (Australia), Guillaume Thirel (France), Olga Semenova (Russia)