Hydrological simulations

Please send the results of your hydrological simulations to Guillaume Thirel. Discharges in m3/s are preferred. Any time series format easily readable is welcomed!


You can download from this link https://non-stationarities.irstea.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/temp.zip an exemple of scores and plots I can produce with the simulations you send to me (here for the GR4J model on the Allier River case).

–          GR4J_allier_1958-2008.txt is the time series of your 5+1 simulations, in a format similar to the one used for the observed datasets.
–          In the statistics folder, you will find the scores we asked in the protocol, in text and R formats. Files containing “each_year” in their names are additional to scores that were asked: they contain scores computed for every single year of the datasets, instead of each of the 5+1 periods.
–          In the plots folder, you will find plots of these scores in the files named “statistics_*” and a file containing the daily time series of all simulations and observations. The “statistics_*” files are commented with explanations of how scores are calculated and represented, if needed.