The Workshop

The workshop session was lead during two days within the IAHS – IAPSO – IASPEI Joint Assembly help in Göteborg (Sweden) – 22-26 July 2013. A total of 26 oral presentations and 6 posters was presented. You can find the complete list of talks and posters on this page, and download most of them, thanks to the agreement of the authors.


Monday 22nd July

  • Introduction and synthesis of the experiments made by the workshop participants, G. Thirel and V. AndréassianAbstractPresentation
  • Modelling experiments with conceptual rainfall-runoff models under non-stationary conditions, J. Vaze, F.H.S. Chiew, N. Potter, D.A. Post, C. Petheram, J. Lerat, J. Teng and B. Wang – AbstractPresentation
  • Dynamic averaging of rainfall-runoff model simulations within non-stationary climate conditions, N. Le Moine and L. Oudin – AbstractPresentation
  • Systematic testing of parameterizations to account for land cover changes in the GR4J model, V. AndréassianAbstractPresentation
  • Testing a physically based distributed model under changing conditions, A. Gelfan, Y. Motovilov, I. Krylenko, V. Moreido and E. Zakharova – AbstractPresentation


  • Robustness issues of conceptual models regarding water balance simulation, L. Coron, V. Andréassian, M. Bourqui, F. Hendrickx, C. Perrin, J. Lerat and J. Vaze – AbstractPresentation
  • Conceptual models for non-stationarity, H. Li, S. Beldring and C.Y. Xu – AbstractPresentation
  • Detecting non-stationarity in the unit hydrograph, B. Croke, J. Guillaume and M.J. Shin – AbstractPresentation
  • Benefits and drawbacks of using data assimilation for hydrological modelling in karstic regions: recent work on the Lez basin, M. Coustau, E. Harader, V. Borrell-Estupina, S. Ricci, O. Thual, C. Bouvier, A. Piacentini – AbstractPresentation
  • A comparative assessmant of AWBM and SimHyd for forested watersheds, B. Yu and Z. Zhu – AbstractPresentation
  • Application of several hydrological models (and objective functions) to the complete dataset of the workshop, G. Thirel, L. Coron, V. Andréassian and C. Perrin – AbstractPresentation


Tuesday 23rd July

  • Simultaneous calibration of hydrological models to capture non-stationary conditions, A. Bardossy and Y. Huang (Invited talk) – AbstractPresentation
  • Hydrologic non-stationarity and modelling implications, F. Chiew, N. Potter, J. Vaze, C. Petheram, L. Zhang and D. Post – AbstractPresentation
  • Committees of hydrological models specialized on high and low flows, D. Solomatine, N. Kayastha and V. Kuzmin – AbstractPresentation
  • Evaluating snow data assimilation methods for use in distributed models, J. Magnusson, D. Gustafsson and T. Jonas – AbstractPresentation
  • How to deal with non-stationary conditions in hydrology using neural networks, V. Taver, A. Johannet, V. Borrell-Estupina and S. Pistre – AbstractPresentation


  • Testing the process-based Hydrograph model under non-stationary conditions in small fire-affected watersheds in France and Russia, L. Lebedeva, O. Semenova and N. Volkova – AbstractPresentation
  • HYPE model simulations for non-stationary conditions in European medium sized catchments, G. Lindström and C. Donnelly – AbstractPresentation
  • A parametric transfer function model optimized by PSO, F. BardolleAbstractPresentation
  • Sensitivity of a physically-based LSM to the calibration period in the Upper Durance catchment, C. Magand, A. Ducharne, N. Le Moine – AbstractPresentation
  • Urban spread impact on GR4J parameters, C. Furusho, G. Thirel and V. Andréassian – AbstractPresentation
  • Announcements, V. AndréassianPresentation


  • In defence of stationarity, D. KoutsoyiannisAbstractPresentation
  • Analysis of the dependence of the optimal parameter set on climate characteristics, M. Osuch, R. Romanowicz and E. Karamuz – AbstractPresentation
  • Sensitivity analysis of SCHADEX extreme flood estimations to the calibration period used for the MORDOR rainfall-runoff model, P. Brigode, P. Bernardara, E. Paquet, J. Gailhard, F. Garavaglia, P. Ribstein and R. Merz – AbstractPresentation
  • Application of IHACRES to workshop-selected catchments exhibiting precipitation-streamflow non-stationarity, I. LittlewoodAbstractPresentation
  • Enhancing model realism by incorporating landscape characteristics: topography driven rainfall runoff modeling (FLEX-TOPO), S. Gharari, M. Hrachowitz, F. Fenicia, H. Gao, T. Euser and H. Savenije – AbstractPresentation


Poster session

  • Applicability of kinematic wave based distributed hydrological model for various climate and land use condition, T. Tanaka and Y. Tachikawa – AbstractPoster
  • Hydrological modelling in presence of non-stationarity by urbanization: an assessment of the value of information, A. Efstratiadis, I. Nalbantis and D. KoutsoyiannisAbstractPoster
  • Understanding impacts of future climate conditions upon flooding in the Lez catchment using the ALADIN Med-CORDEX simulations, E. Harader, S. Ricci, V. Borrell-Estupina, O. Thual, J. Boé, L. Terray and S. Somot – AbstractPoster
  • Modelling 1000-year catastrophic flood scenario of the Danube between Bratislava and Nagymaros, P. Miklanek, P. Pekarova, V. Bacova Mitkova and J. Pekar – Abstract – Poster
  • A parametric transfer function model optimized by PSO, F. BardolleAbstractPoster


At the end of the oral session, a 45-min period has been kept for discussions. Four topical groups have been organized, each of them having to identify 3-4 important related research questions to tackle within the next years for non-stationary issues:



Download all the abstracts.

Download all the presentations of Monday and Tuesday and all the posters.


List of models / authors / basins studied

Model Authors Allier Axe Creek Bani Blackberry Creek Durance Fernow Ferson Creek Flinders Garonne Gilbert Kamp Lissbro Real Wimmera
GARDENIA Thiéry x x x x x x x   x   x   x x
COSERO Kling x x x   x     x x x x x x x
SpringSIM Ramchurn x x x x       x x x x x    
Sacramento, SimHYD, GR4J, AWBM, SMARG, IHACRES Vaze et al.   x     x   x x   x x x    
GR4J  Le Moine & Oudin x x x             x        
GR4J Andréassian et al.           x             x  
ECOMAG Gelfan et al.                 x     x    
SimHYD, Xinanjiang, HBV Li et al.                           x
IHACRES Croke et al. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
AWBM, SimHYD Yu & Zhu           x             x  
GR4J, GR5J, MORD6 Thirel et al. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
HBV Solomatine et al.                       x    
Neural networks Taver et al.         x x                
Hydrograph Lebedeva et al.                         x  
HYPE Lindström & Donnelly         x       x     x    
Black box model Bardolle       x x         x x x    
CLSM Magand et al.         x                  
GR4J Furusho et al.       x     x              
HBV Osuch et al. x x x   ?       x   x     x
MORDOR Brigode et al.                     x      
IHACRES Littlewood     x           x          
Kinematic wave based model Tanaka & Tachikawa               x x          
Hydrogeios Efstratiadis et al.             x              
Pitman Hughes   x x                     x